Fundraising Tips



This year, we suggest a personal fundraising goal of $200, because that’s what it costs to provide care for one day for each girl in a Mercy home. (While our program is free of charge to the girls we serve, our financial resources depend on the donations of supporters.)


For many, fundraising can be an intimidating task – don’t sweat it! It’s easier than you think.


1. Tell your story! Log in to your participant center, upload a photo and share why you decided to Run for Mercy. Then send emails to family and friends asking them to donate or join your team. Click here for a printable “how to” on using the participant center.


2. Use your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts to get the word out. Link them to your personal fundraising page and ask them to donate. We’ve even provided you with a Facebook cover photo and profile pic that you can upload to your facebook page to catch the eye of your friends and family.


3. Spare change can go a long way. Give your friends and family a decorated jar and ask them to donate their spare change over the next few weeks. You could also ask your favorite restaurant or store to put a collection jar on their counter or ask your child’s school to have a coin collecting contest between classes. Ever wonder what your local mall does with the coins thrown in their fountain? Ask them to donate their coins to your fundraising efforts.


4. Clean out the garage. Everyone has stuff they’d love to get rid of, and this is the season for garage sales. Ask friends and family to donate items for your sale and make a sign letting buyers know all proceeds will go to Mercy.


5. Get those cars washed. Hold a car wash in your neighborhood, place of worship or local business. Ask local businesses to donate the supplies you’ll need and ask your friends or your Run for Mercy team to help you wash. Consider adding a dog wash!


6. Have a party! Hold a dinner party for at least 10 of your friends and ask for a per person donation. If you invite 10 people ask for $50 and spend just $20 per person on food and drinks, you will raise $300!


7. Celebrate your birthday with meaning. Ask friends and family to make a donation in lieu of gifts.


8. Get your own personal corporate sponsor. Ask a corporate sponsor for a large donation on behalf of you or your team and offer to advertise for them by wearing their shirt while training and at the event.


9. Speak to your church family. Ask your church if you can speak to the congregation about Mercy and your fundraising efforts. Encourage everyone to join your team or make a donation.


10. Ask for a piece of the action. Many businesses already have programs in place to help you fundraise. Ask for a percentage of the profits for one night at your favorite pizzeria, ice cream parlor, hair salon, or other retail store.



Feel free to use these great ideas to reach your fundraising goals and be creative! The most important part is getting the word out. Many are willing to give; they just need to be asked!

Our top fundraisers will be recognized and awarded at the event, so start fundraising today!

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